Clean Chemistry and Materials Coalition

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Clean Chemistry and Materials Coalition Is Here

Whether you are just starting out on the trail or cresting the summit to PFAS elimination and other sustainability measures, the Clean Chemistry and Materials Management Coalition (CCMC) is designed to meet you where you are in the journey. We crafted this coalition to support retailers, brands, manufacturers, and distributors in a way that’s unique to their product category and business stage.

CCMC provides OIA members with a scalable action plan for eliminating and replacing harmful chemicals and materials, delivering supply chain transparency, recycling and emission disclosures, and more. Premium tier members will also have access to execution plans and OIA technical experts for further consultation on custom approaches.

CCMC aligns with our industry’s transparent and climate forward values to do better and make better. Our collective goal is to introduce products that are just as reliable and durable, and for our members' customers to continue to trust that their favorite brands are sustainable.


We'll connect you with a membership manager who will walk you through next steps. Not an OIA member? We'll discuss your membership options for accessing CCMC services.